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Yoro Valley & Otaki Koyo Matsuri


  • Friday, 23rd November (Public Holiday)

  • Located in Otaki


The Koyo Matsuri, a festival for the autumn coloured leaves, takes place on Friday, 23rd November (Public Holiday) in the Yoro Valley and Edo Castle Town of Otaki.


We will explore the Yoro Valley with its easy hiking paths winding through the valley and along the river surrounded by the autumn colours leaves reflecting off the water and framing the many waterfalls along the way. We will also visit the quaint Edo period castle town of Otaki and travel through the beautiful Boso countryside with the Moomins. This trip is a photographers paradise.  

Tour activities

Yoro Valley

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The Yoro Valley or Yoro Keikoku is a rugged, lush, valley carved over centuries by the Yoro River. There are a wide variety of well-maintained hiking paths winding along the river and it is a popular place to wonder in late autumn to see the brilliant yellow, mellow orange and bright crimson red leaves, and visit the local waterfalls and onsen. 


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Otaki is a quaint Edo period castle town. With dozens of historic buildings, it feels like you are going back in time. The town was also a film location for the recent historical drama, "Sanada Maru."


Isumi Railway has many devoted fans because of the beautiful scenery along its route and because its single-car train is decorated with Moomin characters.

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Tour details


Friday, 23rd November (Public Holiday)

Meeting place

Shinagawa Station


    06:00 am: Meet in Shinagawa.
    06:15 am: Departure for Otaki.
    08:00 am: Arrive in Otaki.
    08:16 am: Departure for Yoro Valley.
    09:00 am: Arrive in Yoro Valley. Explore Yorokeikoku river walk, autumn leaves, and waterfalls.
                       Picnic lunch
    01:15 pm: Onsen
    02:30 pm: Departure for Otaki.
    03:40 pm: Walk and explore Otaki Castle & town
    04:25 pm: Departure for Shinagawa
    06:30 pm: Arrive in Shinagawa


¥8,900 per person


- Return transportation
- English speaking guide


Not Included:

- Lunch


- Onsen 1050 yen



- Towel
- Lunch

Hiking level
- Easy


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