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Oze National Park


  • Sunday - Monday (National holiday), 15-16th September (two-day hike)

  • Located in Gunma/Honshu

  • 3 hours from Tokyo by bus


An exciting overnight hike through the picturesque Oze marshlands.


We are headed to the Ozegahara Marshland, a fantastic and very scenic hike. The trails are well maintained and elevated boardwalks allow an unforgettable hike above marshlands. We will stay in a Japanese mountain hut, visit Hiraname Falls, Lake Ozenuma.


Oze has a very dark night sky with the Milky Way often visible.

Tour activities

Ozegahara Marshland

The marshlands are one of the most well known features of Oze. It is popular in spring with the Asian Skunk Cabbage, followed by the white fluffy Cotton-grass seeds and yellow flowering daylilies in summer. The adjacent mountain towering in the distance are the volcanic remains that created the marsh.

Hiraname Falls

70 meters across and 500 meters high, slides gracefully down the one-plate rock bed of the Tadami River. Cascading white water over the rock slope provides a striking contrast to the dark green foliage beside the river. Sanjo Falls lies farther downstream, and various smaller falls appear almost from nowhere as hikers stroll through the wonders of Oze.

Sanjo-no Taki Falls

A magnificent waterfall located downstream of Hiraname-no Taki Falls, and can be viewed from an viewing platform accessed by descending a little from the trail. All the rainfall in Oze passes through this waterfall in a tremendous roar.

Mt. Hiuchigatake

Along with Mt. Shibutsu, Mt. Hiuchigatake is one of Oze’s best-known mountains. It has five peaks formed by a series of eruptions; three of them overlook Lake Ozenuma and Ozegahara Marsh.

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Tour details


Sunday- Monday (National holiday), 15-16th September (two-day hike)

Meeting place

In front of Sakura Hotel in Jimbocho



    07:00 am: Meet in front of Sakura Hotel (Jimbocho)
    07:15 am: Departure for Oze.
    10:45 am: Arrive at Oze National Park.

                        Orientation/safety briefing/start hike
                        Explore the Ozegahara marshlands and enjoy the amazing mountain scenery.

                        Picnic lunch
                        Waterfall hike. (if time allows)
    03:30 pm: Check into the mountain hut.
    05:30 pm: Dinner.
    06:30 pm: Stargazing.
    09:00 pm: Lights out.


    06:00 am: Breakfast
    07:00 am: Explore the Mt Hiuchigatake and Lake Ozenuma
    02:30 pm: Finish the trek
    03:30 pm: Onsen
    06:00 pm: Arrive back in Tokyo at Sakura Hotel (Jimbocho)


¥26,500 per person 


- Private return transportation

- Accommodation (Mountain Hut)

- Dinner (Sun) and breakfast (Mon)

- English speaking guide


Not Included:

- Lunch



- Mt Hiuchigatake climb [depending on conditions and participant interest.]

- Onigiri Bento 700 yen (from Mountain hut Mon)

- Onsen 1000 yen (Mon after hike)



- Clothing appropriate for hiking

- Hiking boots/shoes

- Backpack

- Small towel and toothbrush

- A torch (headlamp)

- Do not bring shampoo or soap in order to protect the environment

   If you, have any questions about hiking gear and equipment please ask, it maybe possible to rent some items.


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Mountain Hut, shared with two rooms.



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