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Dolphin Swim and Island Camping


  • Friday*- Sunday, 30th Aug - 1st Sep [Weekend Trip]  (*late Friday night departure) 

  • Located in Izu Islands

  • Overnight ferry from Tokyo


An amazing island adventure camping on an volcanic island and free swimming with wild dolphins!


The setting of this adventure weekend camping trip takes place on the beautiful island of Miyakejima. The island has a dramatic volcanic past and many lunar lava landscapes, stunning rock formations, and the interaction of Mother Nature and the local people. There will be opportunities to explore the island, snorkel, swim, scuba dive, hike, go to an "onsen" hot spring, relax, and more.


This is a very popular trip, and it gets booked out quickly so make sure you SIGN UP early!

Tour activities

Dolphin Swimming

The area is home to a large pod of 200 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins are living in the wild, in their natural environment. However, they are very curious and often people get very close and swim alongside. This is a rare phenomenon that allows us to experience friendly dolphins up close and personal in their natural habitat! It’s possible to meet small family groups, mothers, young adults and even very cute babies along with other marine life like turtles. A great trip for a waterproof camera.


Stay at an ocean-facing campsite, which has great facilities, even hot water solar showers. There is a 2km beach and a couple of nice snorkeling spots a short walk from the campground.

Tachibana Ferry

Reserved cabins on the large passenger ferry to the island with plenty of places to hang out and relax.

Ako elementary and junior high school

Frozen in time a building that was once an elementary and junior high school stood in the way of a massive lava flow that cut through the Ako township. The buildings acted as a dam, and the site has been preserved as a reminder of the power of Mother Nature.

Supporting Ecotourism

This area is a leader in ecotourism in Japan and there a strict limitations on how many people can visit and swim with the dolphins each day to ensure the environment is kept clean, the dolphins happy, and to maximize the experience visitors to the area have. Many other marine animals such as turtles and whales can be found in the area, as well as being a popular island for bird watching.

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There is only a maximum of 10 people on dolphin boat so please sign up as soon as you can if you are interested.

Tour details


August 30th, Fri (evening departure) to September 1st, Sun

Meeting place

Takeshiba port


Friday (Night departure)

• 9:15 pm: Meet at Takeshiba pier

• Orientation

• Distribution of supplies

• 10:15 pm: Get on the ferry

• Trip briefing

• Overnight ferry ride



• Around 5 am: Arrive in Miyakejima island

• Transport to the campsite

• Have breakfast (not provided)

• Set up tents

• Free time, catch up on sleep, chill at the beach, explore the surroundings, lunch (not provided), and "onsen" hot spring

• 7 pm: Dinner

• Bonfire party



• 6:00 am: Breakfast

• 8:00 am~12:00 pm: Island Tour Sightseeing (finishing at "onsen" hot spring) or free time

• Have lunch somewhere near the pier or on the ferry (not provided)

• 1:00 pm: Ferry check-in

• Ferry ride

• Around 8:30 pm: Arrive back in Tokyo


¥39,500 per person


    - Round-trip ferry fare (cabin space)

    - Land transportation (Pier-campsite-Pier)

    - One (1) night campsite accommodation

    - Dinner for Saturday

    - Breakfast for Sunday

    - Cooking supplies (BBQ grill, coal, etc.)

    - Kitchen supplies (plates, chopsticks, garbage bags, cooler box, ice, etc.)

    - Basic travel insurance

    - English speaking Tour guide

    - 8% consumption tax

    - Private return transportation

Options & Rentals:

    Camp rentals:

    - Tent (2,500 yen per person {2-3 people share})

    - Sleeping bag rental (1,000 yen)

    - Sleeping mat foam mat (500 yen) or inflatable at (1,400 yen)* Limited number


    Optional activities:

    - Sightseeing (3,000 yen) *Shuttled by van or bus to see some of the island’s amazing volcanic scenery.

    - Snorkeling lesson (4,400 yen) * Highly recommended to get the most out of your dolphin swim.

    - Scuba options (beach and boat) available on request.


    Gear rentals:

    - Wetsuit (1,500 yen / 2,000 L size or OWS)

    - Snorkeling kit set (1,400 yen) {snorkel, mask, fins, & boots}

    - Snorkel and mask only (700 yen)

    - Fins & boots only (700 yen)

    - Dry bag (500 yen)



We'll send you details when your booking is confirmed



Camping. [Tent available to rent 2-3 people share.]



Important information:

   - Itinerary may vary due to the weather, traffic conditions, and other unavoidable circumstances.

   - This trip will proceed rain or shine.

   - As there are some complex logistics and preparation, and strict cancellation policies from suppliers (boat charters, captains, instructors, safety staff, and other equipment). There will be a 100% cancellation fee for cancellation made four (4) days before unless you find a replacement. There is also a late booking fee of 3,000 yen two (2) days before departure.

   - Please note: We are swimming and snorkeling with the dolphins, not Scuba diving.

   - To join this trip you should have snorkeled at least three times before and able to clear water from your snorkel. You should be also confident at swimming in the ocean where you cannot touch the ground. If you have any questions and/or would like lessons please contact us.

   - Snorkeling lesson is recommended, even if you have some experience snorkeling, as it covers open water snorkeling skills which will allow you to maximize your time in the water with the dolphins.

   - Wetsuit is mandatory.

   - Overnight ferry bunk upgrade is possible if available, please let us know upon booking.

   - Tent: 2 ~ 3 people per tent

   - Payment is okay on the day for optional activities and rentals.

   - Vegetarians will be accommodated.

   - A basic restaurant and vending machines are available on the boat.

   - We will take care of your bags and other belongings and will bring it to the port for you on Sunday.

   - Final details will be sent to the participants by email two days before the event.

Ask us anything

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